Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Major battle card game

three of spades nine of spades
Card Game: Major battle

1) Shuffle a standard deck of 52 cards.
2) Each player takes a card from the deck to see who goes first. The highest card goes first. Ace is the highest card. If a tie, both players draw another card from deck.
3) Both players put face down in front of them two each of cards 2-9 for a total of sixteen cards.
4) The cards can be put in any order you like and in any pattern you like (straight line, pyramid, circle...). But the pattern and card order cannot be changed for the duration of the battle.
5) In a separate face down pile, put two each of cards 3-10 for a total of 16 cards. Also add two aces for a total of 18 cards. Make sure all the cards are shuffled.
6) The high card draw winner draws a card from this pile. The card on top must always be selected next.
7) Then the player selects a face down card that the other player has.
8) The goal is to try and knock that card off the battlefield (remove it).
9) In order to do so, you must draw a higher card than the number of the card that is face down. If the card is the same number it does not get removed.
10) E.g., if the card drawn is an 8 and the face down card selected is a 2, the 2 gets removed off the battlefield. The 8 gets put back in the separate face down pile, always at the bottom of deck, and that players turn continues as long as he is able to keep removing more cards of the other player. If a 8 is drawn and the face down card selected is a 9, the 8 gets puts back at the bottom of the deck and the 9 stays on their opponents board. The other player then goes. Note that you can look at your face down cards once a player selects one of them if you don't remember them.
11) Both players must always be honest and remove a card if it should be removed. The card number order of both players can always be written down before the game.
12) Note that a 9 can only be removed by one card; a 10. Since 10 is the only other card in the draw deck higher than a 9.
13) An ace does not remove any cards. If you draw an ace, it allows you to select a face down card from your opponent that they have to turn over. (The card then gets turned face down once again.) This allows you to see the number of the card for future reference. You will know where one number is now out of his 8 cards. If he shows a 4 in that position, then you know you need to at least draw a 5 to knock that 4 off the battlefield.

Players - (2 players) The first player to remove all of the other player's cards off the battlefield first wins. There are no ties in this game.

Tips - Memory is important in this game. Each time you draw an ace and select a card for your opponent to turn over, remember what number it is for future reference. Also, making a difficult formation may make it harder for your opponent to remember what number cards they are if they are turned over by an ace. Choosing a circle formation may be hard for your opponent to remember.

Similar Game - The small battle card game is played with 8 cards instead of 16.

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