Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two to ace

two of spades ace of diamonds
Card Game: Two to ace

1) Shuffle a standard deck of 52 cards.
2) Each player takes a card from the deck to see who goes first. The highest card goes first. Ace is the highest card. The rest of the order is decided by highest cards. If a tie, both players draw another card from deck.
3) This game requires a stopwatch or a clock with seconds on it for more accurate timing.
4) The goal is to find one each of cards 2 to ace and lay them out in a horizontal line face up in front of you. The cards must be in order from 2 to ace. The player that does this the quickest wins the game.
5) The cards can be any color. A total of 13 cards must be found. Time starts as soon as player starts looking through deck and ends when player puts down the ace.
6) The deck of 52 cards must be held in each players hands as they find the cards.
7) If a number is accidentally skipped, player must find the skipped number before continuing.

Players - (2 - unlimited players) The player who finds the cards the quickest wins the game.

Ties - Ties are unlikely in this game, since it is timed in minutes and seconds.

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