Saturday, June 16, 2012

ESP card game

five of diamonds
Card Game: ESP

1) Shuffle a standard deck of 52 cards.
2) Each player takes a card from the deck to see who guesses first. The highest card guesses first. Ace is the highest card. If a tie, both players draw another card from deck.
3) Just cards 2-9 are used in this game.
4) Each player takes a set of cards from 2-9 and holds them in their hand so the other player can't see them.
5) The player who lost the high card draw puts a card face down in front of them.
6) The other player has to guess what number the card is.
7) If they guess right, they win and the game is over.
8) If they guess wrong, the other player then plays by putting a card face down and so on until someone can guess the right number.
9) After a player guesses a number, the other player must show the face down card so the card can be seen.

Players - (2 players) The first player who can guess the other players number wins.

Variation - The game can be played longer; until any player can guess the correct number five times instead of just once. Whoever can guess the correct number five times first wins.

Tip - It is a big advantage to win the high card draw, since that player guesses first and can win the game instantly if they guess the correct number.

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