Monday, November 24, 2008

Even card odd card

six of spades seven of clubs
Card Game: Even card odd card

1) This game is not played with the J, Q, K, A. Take those cards out of the deck. Shuffle the remaining deck of 36 cards.
2) The cards have to be face down so you can't see them. You can hold the deck in your hands.
3) Draw one card from the deck and see what it is.
4) You have to predict whether the next card will be even or odd.
5) When you guess wrong the game is over.
6) Keep all the cards you draw in a separate pile. Add them up at the end and see how many cards you have. Each card is worth 1 point.
7) The lowest score you can get is a 1. The card you first draw before you guess any cards is worth 1 point. The highest score possible is a 36, which is a perfect score.

Players - (1 - unlimited) More than one player? One player plays at a time until they guess wrong. Then the next player shuffles the deck of cards and plays.

Ties - If playing with two or more people and the score is tied at the end of one or three rounds, each player plays another round. Whoever scores the highest in that round wins. If still a tie, another round is played until tie is broken.

Variations - Each player plays three rounds instead of one and the score is added up from all three. The lowest score possible with three rounds is a 3. The highest score possible is a 108.

Tip - Look at the cards that you have already drawn. This can help decide what is left in the deck and make it easier to predict the next card.

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